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1. Complete the sign-up form (3min)

2. Meet your own personal Digital Consultant (FREE*)

3. Enjoy your new digital presence!

*Why is this free?

The U of A School of Retailing has been awarded grants from various orders of government to allow this service to be delivered at completely no cost.


  • Why is this program free?
    Our project is funded by the City of Leduc and Leduc Regional Chamber of Commerce to help provide Leduc and surounding area businesses with free services.
  • What kind of work can you do for my business?
    A full list of our services includes: Google My Business (claim the business, update information), Applicable Directories (claim and create business pages, respond to and feature reviews, update information), Photography (take business and product photos including Google 360 photography, set up product photo studio, instruct business owners on taking good photos), Set internet browser to Chrome (set your internet browser to Chrome, which saves passwords, bookmarked pages, and organizes tabs), Social media (create and update accounts on social media networks, develop and post content, educate on best practices and develop social media plans) Logos and branding (create/update logo, develop brand kits) Business Website (create or update business websites, buy or add a domain name, add business information, develop layout and style) E-commerce (choose an e-commerce platform, add business information, add products and product photos) Recommend services (recommend other social media networks, email marketing platforms, reservation and delivery software)
  • Why is my time with the program limited?
    Our aim is to help as many businesses as possible throughout the duration of the program, so we have set a maximum of 12 hours for our consultants to work with businesses. This target ensures we provide high-quality consultation.
  • What is the time commitment for me to participate?
    2-4 hrs. You will be required to attend an initial consultation, as well as any follow up meetings as necessary. You may also be required to provide your consultant with login information or platform access as requested.
  • How can I continue after my time with the program?
    During your time with your consultant, you will be taught how to use digital tools so you will be well-equipped once your time is done with us. Your consultant will also be able to direct you to additional resources or programs that will continue to assist you.
  • What can I bring or have ready to be prepared for my time with my consultant?
    Understand your needs: have a specific idea of the areas you need help with and what you want to get out of this consultation. Have your access: login information and permissions (that can later be changed) for consultants to be able to sign in, edit and improve sites and accounts. Working branding files: copies of your logo/ any previous branding items to incorporate into new plans. Most useful if these are in a working document format (IE, .psd or .indd) Business and product photos: images of your business and/or product are helpful in case you are not able to take new ones for your consultant to use
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